Welcome to LINC

Welcome to LINC

Drive, passion for finance and a willingness to learn

About LINC

Founded in 1991, LINC quickly became the primary organization for students interested in finance at Lund University. Through career guidance, practical training, events and field trips, LINC aims to support...


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Research & Analysis reports

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Infrea (Company Overview)

In this company overview, analyst Lukas Forsman present a complete overview of the Swedish infrastructure services company Infrea. With its extensive service offering and expert execution, Infrea has established itself as the reliable and obvious contractor within the infrastructure construction sector.
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Måsøval (MAS)

In this equity research report, analysts Vilhelm Bornefalk and Mary Darbinyan, take a closer look at Måsøval, a Norwegian salmon farming company. Since a tax proposition by the government on farmed salmon the share prices of the entire industry went down, and the unjustifiable regulatory risk still lingers over Måsøval despite industry leading margins.
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Marimekko (Pitch Deck)

In this pitch deck, analysts Cassandra Åstenius and Lukas Andersson present a thorough evaluation of Marimekko, grounded in its stronghold within the global design and textile sector. Deploying a holistic blend of valuation techniques — including DCF analysis, peer benchmarking, precedent transactions, and a structured LBO framework — the analysts derive a target valuation for Marimekko between EUR 417-565 million.
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